Application notes

The period of application to participate in urbEXPO 2017 has been started two weeks ago. We received a lot of questions via mail and some of the incoming applictions demonstrate that you need more information and a little help.

The most common quesion is how to define series. A series does not necessarily have to refer to a single object. A series can contain different locations, hold together by a on idea like “Aerial photography” or “details in lost places” or something else. You can explain your series and idea in the field >description.

The application form

The application form is [LINK] is an essential part of your application for participating in urbEXPO 2017.

Title of the series

Choose an interesting title for your series, which tells something about the idea of your series.

Description of the series

This field is very important. Please explain the idea and the content of your series. It is not enough to enter "There is an abandoned barracks in the region XY". We do not expect an extended essay, but the description should arouse the interest of the jury. A meaningful series description may contain:

  • Why did you choose this series for your application? For example due to the historical or architectural significance of a certain object.
  • How did it happen that the object or the objects became lostplaces?
  • When was the object an active place?
  • Are there plans for a reuse of the object?


Presentation form

The presentation form describes the way in which the photographs are presented in the case of admission to urbEXPO 2017; f.e. Acrylglas, aludibond, canvas, framed photo with passepartout.

Poster printing in hanging rails or on cardboard is not a form of presentation that meets the quality requirements of urbEXPO.

Details of the individual motifs

The fields prepared in the form have to be filled out for each individual motif of a series. Without explicit names of the files, which are uploaded via the online form, it is not possible to assign the files to the series. The indication of the format of the exhibits is also indispensable for the urbEXPO team to know the space requirements within the space available for the exhibition.

More comments on the application form<

While the information on the submitted series is specifically required for the selection of the work on urbEXPO 2017, the personal data in the first part of the application form gives the urbEXPO team a personal impression of the respective applicant.

Transmission of your aplication

The online form is the one and only way to transmit your application [LINK]. Before uploading your photos you have to download and fill out the application form. This has to be emphasized once again, because the completed application form is missing in some cases.

In the case of the image files make sure that these are not sent in full resolution, but in the given size and resolution: 72 to 96 DPI, 1000 to 2000 pixels longer side. Then there are also no problems with the upload because of the data size.

HintThe application documents can also be uploaded as ZIP. Usually the individual series are packed into subfolders. This makes it easier for the urbEXPO team to assign individual images to the respective series.

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