Conditions of participation

The following conditions are valid for your application for urbEXPO. An application for urbEXPO RETROSPEKTIVA is not possible. The participiants of RETROSPEKTIVA will invited.
  • Applicants have to be 18 years old or older.
  • The following documents have to be submitted: a CV, a project description with reference to topics like „Lost Places“ and „the Aesthetics of Decay“ as well as image files (min. 1000 px, max. 2000px long side). Furthermore, the actual image dimensions of the sample and the kind of presentation (print on canvas, Aludibond etc) shall be stated.
  • Incomplete applications will be discarded.
  • Upon expiry of the application deadline, the board of trustees will select the participating artists and communicate the decision. The decision of the board of trustees is incontestable.
  • By applying, the artist agrees to participate in the urbEXPO, if he is accepted. Artists accepted to participate in the urbEXPO, will pay a participation fee. The fee includes one free copy of the exhibition catalogue for urbEXPO for each artist. Artists may buy further copies at their own expense. The bank details will be communicated to the artist along with the confirmation of participation.
  • The organizers will not pay any exhibition fees, travel expenses or transportation costs. Upon the participating artist’s request, the organizers will issue a confirmation of participation. With this document, artists can apply for subsidies with public institutions or other organizations upon their own initiative and at their own expense.

These conditions for participation are valid for all artists who apply to participate, or who are called to participate in urbEXPO. Aside these general conditions visit the complete conditions for the actual event.