General information

For participating as an exhibiting artist, photographers have to be at least 18 years of age and deal with Lost Places and the Aesthetics of decay in their photographic work. Please use the prepared form for your application.

How can I apply?

First and foremost, all applicants should read the terms and conditions, as well as the template for the exhibition contract thoroughly. These documents will tell you, what kind of information and data you have to submit along with your application. You can only apply online. Throughout the application phase, the board of trustees will discuss all applications received. After expiry of the application deadline, the board of trustees will make its final choice and will inform all applicants, whether they have been accepted to urbEXPO or not. The decision of the board of trustees is final and incontestable.

According to which criteria will the choice be made?

The work samples submitted are a basic precondition for a successful application. These work samples should convince the board of trustees in terms of image structure, sharpness and a clean finish (no diffuse light fringes, no converging lines, no sloping horizons etc.). The board of trustees will select those works of art, which fulfill these minimum criteria and which show a balanced and interesting overall concept. This means that there is no preference for either landscape or detailed views, nor will certain styles, such as HDR or b/w pictures be given preference.

Apart from these criteria, the board of trustees will also make sure that a healthy mixture of objects will be shown, both in terms of geography, as well as in terms of functional use of the object. This might mean that a photograph taken in a Bulgarian monastery might stand a better chance of being chosen than the umpteenth picture taken in a sintering plant or any other of the well known Lost Places. On the other hand side, a rather well know Lost Place will not necessarily be an criterion for exclusion. There will, however, be more competition between well-known objects.